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Our company’s founders, Joann Bunze and Angela Eisenhardt, have over 25 years of combined experience in the court reporting field.

Joann began working as a court reporter in 1996 in New York State. Throughout her career, Joann has worked as both a freelance and official court reporter. Prior to relocating to North Carolina in 2007, she expanded her court reporting knowledge base through working in a variety of different forums and covering jobs for a variety of different agencies. Using these experiences, she has developed an agency, together with Angela, that approaches the issues of its clients head on, with an emphasis on service and customer satisfaction.

Angela was introduced to the court reporting field when she began working as an office manager for a court reporting firm in 2006. Immediately, Angela loved putting her organizational and customer service skills to use serving the firm’s clients. Working in a court reporting firm also allowed Angela to put to use her English degree as she proofread transcripts and worked as a legal transcriptionist. In 2012, she was excited to join her organizational expertise with Joann’s reporting knowledge to form Noteworthy Reporting Services. With both their talents combined, they created an environment that was strong both in stenographic talent and office professionalism.

Joann and Angela are fortunate to have a group of skilled reporters who contract with Noteworthy Reporting Services. These reporters are recognized in their field, holding advanced certifications, many of whom have achieved a level of Realtime reporting. They have prior experience in all aspects of court reporting, including hearings and arbitrations, and stay current in the field by engaging in continuing education. With the combined experience of these talented reporters, Noteworthy Reporting Services has become the reporting agency of choice for clients who demand the best.




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